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Senior Fitness Specialists

Custom individualized programs to fit your needs and goals

• Have you fallen and/or are you afraid of falling again?
• Do you find it hard to climb stairs or curbs?
• Is it getting more challenging to walk?

Do you wish there was a way to improve all of these in the comfort of your own home?
If you answered yes to any of these questions call us today...we can help!

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Who We Are

The professionals at InHome Fitness Solutions are certified Senior Fitness Specialists and hold degrees in related health care fields. The multiple years of experience in these health care fields and education in becoming a Senior Fitness Specialists, make our professionals uniquely qualified to assist older adults in reaching their goals by implementing our five Core Programs in the comfort of our client's homes. InHome Fitness Solutions ultimate goal is to assist our clients in remaining safe at home for as long as possible. We also strive to decrease risk of injury, and serious injuries related to falls.

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What We Do

InHome Fitness Solutions is your health and fitness partner. Our main objective is to keep the older adult strong enough to stay at home as long as possible. InHome Fitness Solutions is a private pay fee for service company and is not subjected to insurance restrictions on services and costs less than paying privately for physical therapy. Our professionals design and implement a health program specific to the needs of older adults all while in the comfort of your own home. Our Senior Fitness Specialist will help you achieve your goals and assess your progress along the way.

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Why Choose Us

$77,745:  Annual median private pay cost at a nursing facility averaging $213/day (2010).  In current reactive healthcare model many insurance companies dictate how many therapy sessions are allowed based on arbitrary numbers, not based on patient needs.  InHome Fitness Solutions believes differently.  We believe that decision should be yours, not your insurance company.  Without continued specific exercise many older adults will experience a decline in strength and balance levels leading to falls and or injury.  InHome Fitness Solutions provides you the tools to gain and maintain strength and balance to help you stay in your home.  The benefits of staying in your home can be both financial and emotional.

Core Programs


Strength Training

Targeting muscle groups to improve stabilization, strength, and power to allow for daily activities to be performed with greater ease


Balance Training

Improving balance by performing activities aimed at fall prevention in a fun progressive pattern that fits your pace and ability


Flexibility Training

Improving flexibility through active and passive stretching to promote improved mobility skills, increased joint proprioception, decreased muscle stiffness, and decreased joint pain


Coordination Training

Multi-component training focusing on hand-eye coordination to improve reactive timing.


Mobility Training

Addressing posture and mobility concerns in combination with the other Core Programs to improve ambulation, sit to stand, bed mobility

Who can InHome Fitness Solutions Help?

  • People who have had 1 or more falls in the past 12 months;
  • Are post-therapy from an injury or surgery;
  • Are finding yourself needing more assistance at home;
  • Are Short of Breath with activity;
  • Have been diagnosed with 1 or more chronic conditions;
  • Are finding yourself more fatigued;
  • Those who want Better Health and Quality of Life
  • Are you having difficulty with activities of daily living?
    • Stair Climbing
    • Slow Ambulation pace
    • Requiring use of a walker or cane
    • Increased difficulty going from sitting to standing
    • Increased difficulty getting in and out of bed
    • Difficulty in dressing self-due to balance or decreased range of motion
    • Standing to cook meals

What our clients are saying:

"The Physical Training my Mother has received under the care and direction of Tyson Dukes was nothing short of excellent." Emily - West Okoboji


"We are so lucky to have a professional like Bethany is Estes Park!  She worked with me at Healing Waters warm water pool to prepare me for hip surgery.  Six weeks after surgery I'm ready to get back in the pool and continue my progress.  She absolutely knows what she is doing!!" Carrie A - Estes Park

"Tyson's attention to detail during training sessions allowed him to make modifications to his detailed plan which greatly enhanced my mother's improvement.  The thorough approach Tyson provided to my mother was second to none!" Dave - Spencer

"If looking for a service to provide for someone's individual training needs, Tyson Dukes receives my family's highest recommendation." -D. Schaefer, Spencer, IA.

"My Mother-In-Law does so much better when Tyson works with her, we are hopeful for a better future for her." Artis - Spencer

"Bethany is so personable and professional.  I've learned with her help the value of building and maintaining my strength as I get older.  I recently had hip replacement surgery and Bethany geared my workouts toward strengthening my total body to prepare...and it worked!!  Now we use Healing Waters warm water pool along with home workouts to build everything back up." Sue G - Estes Park

"Bethany changed my life!  My bone density and hip strength increased and I was able to avoid hip surgery.  Bethany is upbeat, her positive attitude is contagious, and she encourages me to do my best every time.  I'm extremely confident in her skills as a Personal Trainer and 20+ years as a PTA to help me reach my goals!" Debby H - Estes Park, CO

"Bethany makes my work, while difficult at times, easier and even fun by her pleasant encouragement.  We have good times and lots of laughter while we work...and I feel so much better and stronger!" Sue G - Estes Park


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